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Chase Away the Winter Blues… with Green

5 Cheery Ideas for Decorating with House Plants

Springtime is often associated with lush, green, living things  – but winter? Not so much. If the snow and ice leaves you longing for a taste of spring, indoor plants are a great way to bring some of that fresh outdoor feeling inside. And plants are not only aesthetic. Many common species (Pothos, Ivy, Chinese Evergreen and Ficus, to name a few), have also been found to filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs).*

Inspired to invite more plants into your home? Here are five ideas to get you started.

ferns in bedroom
photo: Houzz

1. Grace a room with ferns

Ferns come in many shapes and sizes, and their rich, leafy fronds can really help bring a space to life. Ferns are also pretty low maintenance: just keep them damp (they love to be misted) and in indirect light. When choosing a fern, remember that anything you see hanging can easily be relocated to a standing pot, if you prefer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.22.55 AM2. Bring plants to the table

A colorful house plant is a lovely stand-in for a dining room table centerpiece.  Plants will last much longer than fresh-cut flowers, and a species like this red Anthurium is simply perfect for Valentine’s Day!

photo: Architect Lines

3. Create a live display

Make a striking  decorative statement with a selection of smaller house plants, mixing together both the plant types and the pots they are in.  This arrangement of mini succulents would be great for a windowsill, since these they enjoy direct light and actually prefer to dry out between waterings.

photo: Real Simple

4. Combine and conquer

For an instant wow-factor, you can re-pot several smaller plants into one larger planter.  Dracaena is an excellent species to use with this approach; look for dense plants with glossy foliage.

bathroom-plants5. Take advantage of steam heat

The humidity in your bathroom might not be great for your electronics, but many of your plants love it. Chinese Evergreens, for example, are a hearty house plant that need some warmth to thrive – so you’ll be doing your plants a favor every time to turn on the shower to heat things up.

*Source: Mother Nature Network