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Valentine’s Ideas For The Whole Family

A box of chocolates. A dozen red roses. A romantic dinner out. All of these things remind us of Valentine’s Day, and by all means – indulge and enjoy if you can. But if your plans for February 14th include more than a special “plus one”, here are some family-friendly ideas that celebrating all kinds of love.

candlelit-pizza-dinner1. Have a candlelit family dinner

Why not? You’ll still get to enjoy a special meal, and setting a festive table for more than two just adds to the excitement.  An assortment of  rosy-hued candles and flowers will create a simple yet striking Valentine’s-inspired table…and you can make the meal even more memorable by giving each family a chance to say something nice about the others.

p.s. Add sound effects to your candle display with WoodWick candles (they come in red, too!) – a natural wooden wick creates the sound of a crackling fire while it burns.

Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake (Martha Stewart)

2. Make a delightfully decadent dessert

As a bonus to your family dinner  – or anytime, really – you will be a Valentine’s hero with a cake like this. The kids might even enjoy helping you bake.  And to make your prep work a little easier, you might want to pick up a jar of sea salt & caramel sauce for the layers (available at Snow’s) – it’s just as good as homemade!

Get the recipe

 Tea Party
Photo: Little Ladies Tea Parties

3. Host a tea party for your little princess and her friends

If you have a little girl in your life, chances are she’d love to invite her friends over for a Valentine’s tea party. It’s a chance to break out some of that old fashioned china, and maybe a bake a batch of heart-shaped cookies to inspire a few more squeals of delight.  If you have some sophisticated tea drinkers in your group, our “Teas for the Heart” gift box from Tea Forte includes 5 different infusers and antioxidant-rich green teas. Proceeds benefit WomenHeart, a nonprofit which helps women living with, or at risk of heart disease.

4. Craft some homemade cards

No matter how far we advance with technology, there’s something about a simple homemade card that remains timeless.  Heartfelt cards need nothing more than a little inspiration and some basic supplies – which you can find in our expanded craft department.

5. Do a heart-healthy activity

If you’re on Cape Cod this Valentine’s Day, you can do something good for yourself and for others by participating in this year’s 5K Run. Walk. Love Relay. Proceeds will be donated to this year’s Relay For Life of Mid Cape which will be held in June. Registration beins at 9:00 a.m. at the Barnstable County Courthouse; age-group awards will be given to top finishers in 10-year age groups and over 70.


Take it Easy: Healthy Crockpot Cooking for the Big Game

What a storm. With all of the excitement, we haven’t had much time to think about the big football game on Sunday.  How will you celebrate?

Last week we talked about making fresh juice, but there probably won’t be too many of us setting up a Superbowl juice bar in front of the flat screen.  But that doesn’t mean we have to throw all the healthy options out the window. Many of the things we love to eat during cold weather football watching – stews, meatballs, pulled pork – can be healthy and easy.

Here are three good-for-you recipes that can be made in a crockpot, perfect for effortless entertaining. Go, Pats!

turkey meatballsMini Turkey Meatballs

Who doesn’t like a meatball? This version has comfort food written all over it, but lean ground turkey and quinoa (instead of breadcrumbs) keeps them healthy and light. From How Sweet Eats.

pulled pork tacosPulled Pork Tacos

A slow cooker is the perfect vessel for cooking up a batch of barbeque-worthy pulled pork while you sleep. For the game, add salsa, lettuce, guacamole, and any other toppings you like to a warm tortilla. From Iowa Girl Eats.

spinach-dipSpinach Artichoke Dip

Chips and dip are a hallmark of any great party. This cheese spinach and artichoke dip uses fat free mayo and feta to make it creamy, and a slow cooker to get it warm and gooey. From Cooking Light.




Juicing for Health: Why and With What

In a poll conducted by, half of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2015 were about health. Specifically: lose weight, quit smoking, get fit, manage stress, drink less alcohol. Not surprising, but what you may not know is that there is one single practice that can help you succeed with every single one of these resolutions – juicing.
fresh juices

Juicing has been around for a long time, and hundreds of studies have been done on its benefits. Documentaries have been made, including Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which tells the story of a man who lost almost 100 pounds and healed his autoimmune disease by following a 60-day juice fast.   

Watch the trailer 

Benefits of Juicing

        • Quick, efficient way to get your nutrients
        • Boosts immunity
        • Gives you more energy
        • Flushes out toxins
        • Helps with weight lose weight
        • Gives your digestive system a break
        • Helps prevent cancer and disease

Impressive list, right? But if you’ve never juiced before, you might wonder where to start.  Before you stock your fridge with celery, beets, apples, carrots and kale, you’ll need a good juicer.

Which Juicer?

Breville juicer Breville juicerThere is indeed a juicer out there for every budget: from $20 to $400 or more. While Snow’s carries juicers in all of these price ranges, we always love to recommend Breville – moderately priced, heavy-duty, high quality juicers.

In fact, it was a Breville juicer featured in the documentary we mentioned earlier.  We carry both the the Breville Compact Juice Fountain ($99.99) and the Breville Juice Fountain Plus ($149.99). They are both great machines; the Fountain Plus is built to make more juice at a time, faster – so it’s a better choice if you plan to juice frequently and/or have several juice fans in your family.

For more reasons, recipes and reviews, take a peek at one of our other posts on juicing: Glass Half Full. Here’s to a healthy 2015!



Nespress Yourself

Is a Nespresso Coffee System for You?

If you’re considering a premium home coffee machine, there are lots of choices. Nespresso, iCoffee, Capresso… we carry them all at Snow’s, and they all have their distinct features and benefits.

Today we’re highlighting Nespresso systems, because through the end of the month, you’ll get a $100 club credit with the purchase a system valued at $199 or more*. This gives you $100 toward mail order purchases of Nespresso coffee capsules – the most efficient and cost effective way to buy them.

There’s a whole Nespresso movement out there, evident by more than $4M Facebook page likes, and the many fans dedicated to documenting their ‪#‎NespressoMoment‬. But for those of us just trying to figure out if taking stock in the world Nespresso is for us, here’s what you need to know:

How the machines work and what they make:

vertuolineThe VertuoLine Makes coffee and espresso.

Technology: Gentle Centrifusion™ extraction makes for a smooth, rich and highly aromatic coffee, with high intensity and body, finished with a silky and generous crema.

Capsules come in 2 sizes, for “long” cups of coffee or espresso.


original lineThe OriginalLine  includes a range of machines, including some that feature an integrated milk-heating and foaming system to produce lattes and cappuccinos, in addition to espresso and coffee.

Technology: High-pressure extraction system releases all of the aromas contained in each coffee capsule. This guarantees an optimum distribution of the water through the ground coffee, resulting in a smooth and authentic taste.

Capsules come in espresso varieties, or the specially crafted grand crus.

Other interesting tidbits:

  • Nespresso coffee was top rated by a Good Housekeeping taste panel
  • There are different coffee “strengths” you can choose from: lungo (mild), espresso and ristretto (intense)
  • Easy to program and use controls; intuitive “smart start” guide included
  • Brews a shot of espresso in about 20 seconds
  • Nespresso is known for excellent customer service

Another important piece of Nespresso’s platform is sustainability and environmental consciousness. They have featured their coffee farmers in many campaigns, thanking them for their commitment in quality and sustainability (‪#‎MeetOurFarmers‬). Regarding their green initiatives, they have a free capsule recycling program.

And if you’re still not convinced, you might want to indulge in one of the many ads featuring George Clooney. At least for many of the ladies out there, that’s reason enough to be a Nespresso fan.

The YouTube ID of -jVMYQACn84?list=PLQ2eIUsAVWUyoz0kY_nbMg3xUjYBjqrxF is invalid.


* Some restrictions. Click here for details.


Game Day Decision: 3 Ways to Cook a Turkey

The countdown to November’s big holiday meal is on. Mashed potatoes? Check. Stuffing? Check. Cranberry sauce? Check. The 20 pounds of turkey you need to cook when you have a houseful of guests and an over-committed oven? Hmm.

While a roasted Thanksgiving turkey is by far the most traditional, there is more than one way to get the job done.  Here are three techniques that just may prompt you to consider something different this year.

Classic: Roasted

The most obvious choice first, a roasted turkey is a known quantity for most us of, so perhaps the most comforting. And no doubt, delicious. Yet there are many ways to roast a bird – a quick Google search for “roasted turkey recipe” yields more than 850,000 results. Yikes.  This how-to video from All Clad is one you can trust.

Creative: Barbecued

barbecued turkeyIt seems like we should call this a grilled turkey, except that it doesn’t sit directly on the grate, so it’s really more accurate to say barbecued.  As uncommon as is seems, cooking the bird this way is a Snow’s family tradition, and they say once you try it, you’ll never go back.  Check out our post from last year that describes the process.

How to barbecue a turkey

Carefree: Slow Cooked

If you plan on having a turkey breast this year, using your slow cooker is a great option. Whether you have a few “white meat only” eaters – or lots of guests and need more than one turkey – this idea may come in handy.  Check out this easy recipe from Eat at Home Cooks:

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

No matter how you prepare you bird this year, we’re sure it will be great. And as you get all your ducks – or turkeys – in a row, the friendly staff at Snow’s will help you select the perfect roasting pan, grill, slow cooker or kitchen gadget to help make your holiday meal a success.

Heavy Metal Fans

The why and which of All-Clad cookware

If you asked a professional chef (or a serious foodie) what cookware they have in their kitchen, they would probably say All-Clad.

Why? Well, part of the reason is probably based on reputation alone. It’s like buying a Rolex watch: you may not know exactly why it’s better, but you have the expectation that it will be. For those in the know, All-Clad represents exemplary cooking performance, which means your culinary creations are never sacrificed due to a malfunction in the pan.

All-Clad uses a special metal bonding process which is formulated for optimal cooking performance, not for ease of manufacturing.  A pure core of aluminum, stainless or copper – not only on the bottom, but all the way up the sides of each piece of cookware – distributes heat evenly and provides professional results.

As for history, All-Clad definitely has it. Clad Metals began in the U.S. steel age, and the products are still made by American craftsmen in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania the same way they were four decades ago.  Click to watch an early television interview with founder John Ulam, where he describes the technical innovations that led to the creation of All-Clad.

Choosing All-Clad Cookware

All-Clad has four major lines of cookware: Stainless Steel, MC2, Hard Anodized and Copper Core.  Selected pans in some collections offer a nonstick surface.

all clad stainless
Callout: Stainless is the original – tried and true. And if you don’t want to hand wash your pots and pans, you need not look any further; the stainless line is the only one recommended for the dishwasher.

Four product lines seems like a lot to think about before you even get cooking, but there’s good news. Inside, everything is (basically) the same: all pieces have the patented aluminum core that covers the bottom of the pan and extends up the sides. The Copper Core line has more bells and whistles, but it’s also the most expensive, so a copper repertoire may not be in everyone’s budget.

Feeling confident that any piece of All-Clad cookware you buy will be high quality, it really comes down to the look and the price, both of which are personal. So here’s a down and dirty description of each, keeping in mind that price-wise, there isn’t too much of a swing between the different lines until you get to the copper collection.

1. MC2all clad mc2

MC2 cookware is a contemporary makeover of All-Clad’s original Master Chef collection, created for the chef community. Stainless interior and a matte, brushed aluminum exterior, providing superior cooking results at an extraordinary value.

All-Clad-Hard-Anodized2. Hard Anodized

You probably wouldn’t stock your kitchen with all hard anodized cookware, but they are a great companions to stainless basics. Crafted the same way inside, with a non-stick surface. Think grill pans.

all-clad-stainless-steel3. Stainless

Classic All-Clad. Timeless design, shiny stainless-steel exterior, dishwasher safe. Available in every shape and size you can think of, from a cute little 1/2 qt. butter warmer to a 7 qt. pasta pentola. (pictured: a 3-piece set including stockpot, strainer insert and lid, perfect for cooking pasta).

all clad copper core4. Copper Core

These beauties have an added – you guessed it – copper core in between layers of aluminum, which gives it even more heat-conducting goodness. Copper is considered the best cooking material around, prized by chefs and gourmands. The look is also distinct with an accent band of copper around the outside.


Shop All-Clad products at Snow’s (A larger selection can be found in our retail store at 22 Main Street, Orleans)

Not sold on All-Clad? Click here to read one of our past posts comparing Cuisinart, Swiss Diamond and Lodge, too.


From Mojitos to Meatballs

Three Local Cookbooks to Kick off Fall

If there are three cookbooks that just say “fall in New England”, they may just be these three from P. Ann Pieroway: A Taste of Apples, A Taste of Cranberries, and Tastes and Tales of Massachusetts.

Ann is a familiar face at Snow’s; she visits us on occasion to sign copies of her books and share some of her “tales” – or historical tidbits – which are just as much a part of her cookbooks as are the recipes. Her philosophy is that we can preserve our food by preserving traditional recipes and techniques. There are more than these three titles in Pieroway’s repertoire. But if you’re planning to go apple picking, cranberry “bogging,” – or just want to create some cozy fall comforts in your kitchen – this is a great place to start. a taste of apples

A Taste of Apples Available in store or online: $12.95 Crunchy Apple Stir-Fry, Baked Sweet potatoes with Apples, Apple-Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, and Wassail are a few delicious examples of the more than 120 recipes in this book.

Where to get fresh apples: apple picking

If you’re inspired to go crazy for apples this weekend, Hawk’s Wing Farm is hosting an apple festival Saturday 9/28 and Sunday 9/29. This is their last weekend for apple picking; they have six apple varieties to gather, plus raw, unfiltered cider for sale and apple bobbing to keep the kids entertained. There are also a couple of good orchards not to far off Cape, such as Peters Family Orchard & Cider Mill and Keith’s Farm, both in Acushnet.

And, chances are you will also find some fresh-picked apples this time of year at one of the Cape’s farmers markets. We hear Surrey Farms will have some at the Orleans Farmers Market this Saturdays from 9-12, at 21 Old Colony Way (around the corner from Snow’s).

Depending on what you’re planning to make, here’s a quick little apple-to-apple comparison:

  • Best apples for snacking – Honeycrisp
  • Best apples for baking – Mutsu (or Granny Smith)
  • Best apples for applesauce – Gala

taste of cranberriesA Taste of Cranberries

Available in store or online: $12.95

There are more than 80 recipes in this cookbook that feature cranberries in fresh, frozen, dried and canned form. Recipes include Maple Cranberry Chicken Breasts, Cranberry Salsa, “Merry Merry” Cranberry Meatballs, and even a festive looking Cranberry Mojito!

Where to get fresh cranberries:

cranberry bogRight in Orleans, the The Governor Prence Inn (6A) and the Sea Shore Park Inn (Canal Road) offer fresh cranberries for purchase, while supplies last during the fall harvest (mid-September through early November). Bog tours are also available also. For more information, visit their website.

In a couple of weeks, you might like to participate in the 10th Annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration, hosted by the A.D. Makepeace Company and co-sponsored by the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association and Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., is scheduled for October 12 & 13. For more information, visit the Cranberry Harvest web site or call 508-322-4000.

Fun fact: Normally, growers do not replant each year since an undamaged cranberry vine will survive indefinitely. Some vines on Cape Cod are more than 150 years old and are still bearing fruit.


Tastes and Tales of Massachusetts

Available in store or online: $19.95

tales of maTastes and Tales of Massachusetts is more of an all-encompassing cookbook, with recipes for familiar New England fare such as Boiled Dinner, Blueberry Jam, Fish Chowder and Boston Brown Bread. In addition to the traditional old New England recipes we think of, there are also recipes that are influenced by the many different cultures (English, Irish, Portuguese, Italian…) that have become an integral  part of the Commonwealth.

There are also lots of interesting bits of Massachusetts information in here, like the fact that Boston had the nation’s first subway system, and that marshmallow fluff was invented by Archilbald Query of Somerville. These local cookbooks being us back to simpler times, using a lot of the foods produced here at home.

A note to Cape Codders and lovers thereof: Pieroway has also published A Taste and Tales of Cape Cod and the Islands and A Taste of Lobster, because let’s face it: Cape Cod deserves its own cookbooks!

Confident Cooks

Choosing the best cookware for you

cookingIt seems there as many different types of cookware as there are foods to make, so how to you decide what cookware will work the best for you?

Well, as with lots of things, much of it boils down to personal preference. Aside from the pros and cons of the actual cookware material (we’ll get into that in a moment), aesthetics and ergonomics are important factors to consider. If a pan is too heavy to comfortably lift, or if the finish doesn’t match your decor, you might wish you made a different decision regardless of a particular line’s culinary performance.

Snow’s carries an impressive selection of cookware from basic on up. If you’re considering an investment in one of the mid to high range lines of cookware (or even a single pot or pan), this side by side comparison may help guide you.  We’ve organized the distinct features and benefits of our four top cookware brands: Cuisinart, All Clad, Lodge and Swiss Diamond.

[table id=1 /]

A few final thoughts:

  • Purchasing a set of cookware if usually more cost effective than buying each piece separately. And at Snow’s, most of our cookware is at Snow’s Everyday Low Price, which means that our prices are below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), everyday. We never advertise this as a sale, because it’s a great price, all the time. Although we don’t advertise it, an example is the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 7-piece cookware set; the MSRP is $260 and Snow’s offers it at just $99.99!
  • The cliche term “you get what you pay for” is most certainly true with cookware, too. You should try to buy the best cookware you can for the money you are able to spend; it will last longer and ultimately give you a better return on your investment.

Even armed with lots of information, purchasing cookware can still be overwhelming. At Snow’s, we encourage you to speak with someone in our kitchen department; they are knowledgeable and happy to help.

Links to browse or buy cookware:

All Clad



Swiss Diamond



A Glass Half Full

5 great reasons to get juicing, with a juicer that’s just right for you

juicingSaying that juicing is healthy is like saying that eating candy is not. But while the benefits of juicing have been well promoted, sometimes it just takes an impressive stat or two to really get us to stand up and pay attention.

This may be one of those ‘aha’ moments. Did you know that 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need to thrive are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables?*  To get these vitamins and enzymes, we could certainly eat our fruits and vegetables whole, but if we did, we may not have time for much else. To get the same amount of nutrients found in a 16 oz. glass of fresh, natural juice, you would have to eat two pounds of carrots, about a dozen apples or eight pounds of spinach. Even Popeye might get sick of that.

Juicing is certainly an easy way to get your fill. If you struggle with getting the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, juicing makes it possible to get them all in in just one drink. And beyond the efficient, time-saving nature of drinking your vitamins, the additional benefits of juicing are many, and are certainly not limited to the following list. But if you are looking for five no-brainer reasons to try it, here they are:

1. Boosted immunityJuicing is high in antioxidants, which not only helps boost your immune system, but it also can help you recover more quickly when you do fall ill.

2. More energyJuicing removes the fiber from you fruits and vegetables, so the juices are more easily digested.  This conserves our body’s energy, so many people feel energized after a glass of fresh juice (opposed to that feeling, say, after Thanksgiving dinner!).  Of course fiber is a good thing, so make sure to include it in your diet aside from juicing. But for a quick burst of energy, juice is the word.

3. Weight loss. The great enzymes in fresh fruit and vegetables are easily converted into energy when you absorb them a natural juice, which helps increase your metabolic rate.  The higher your metabolism, the easier it is for you to burn calories naturally, even while you’re sleeping!

4. Healthier (insert your preference here) Skin, Hair, Nails. The best way to acheive healthy hair, skin and nails is through your diet. Fruits and vegetables known to produce beneficial results include cucumbers, ginger, seaweed (or green leafy vegetables) and lemon. Just think about all the lotions and spa products that boast these foods in their goods. Drinking them is like taking the express train.

5. Drinking your veggies may be a tastier way to go. Juicing helps most people eat a wider variety of vegetables; those that might not be as appealing in their whole form can be “snuck” into a blended juice with tasteful success. When kale is blended with apples, ginger, lemon and honey (as in this juice recipe from Seamis Mullen), it’s pretty darn delicious. 

So, if you’re feeling “juiced” about all of this, you’re ready to take juicing for a spin in your own home. Other than the grocery store or farmer’s market, your first stop is your favorite kitchen department store. At Snow’s, we have several options to fit any use…and any budget.

Note: Linked items are available in our online store. All items are available at our retail store in Orleans. 

What’s the Best Juicer for You?

black & decker citrus juicerBlack & Decker Citrus Juicer $19.99

  • Basic electric citrus juicer
  • Squeezes directly into a refrigerator-ready serving pitcher
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Small & Large Cones For Differing Sized Fruit

cuisinart juicerCuisinart Citrus Juicer with Pulp Control $29.99

  • Brushed metal finish is a stylish addition to a stainless steel kitchen
  • 3 pulp control settings
  • “Auto-reverse” and “final spin” features to extract the maximum amount of juice
  • Includes recipes

waring pro juice extractorWaring Pro Juice Extractor $79.99

  • More efficient juice extraction gets more out of your fruits and vegetables
  • Extra large feed tube and large, 32 oz. stainless juice catcher
  • Safety interlock system: won’t start until lid is securely in place
  • Includes Waring’s 5-year limited warranty on motor and 1-year limited appliance warranty
  • Sleek stainless steel finish; solid die cast base and cushioned feet

breville compact juicerBreville Compact Juice Fountain $99.99

  • High quality; Breville is a respected brand name in juicers
  • Heavy-duty juicer in a compact size
  • Extra-large feed tube
  • Stainless-steel micro-mesh filter

breville plus juicerBreville Juice Fountain Plus $149.99

  • Professional-grade power juicer
  • Brushed die-cast metal base
  • Different speeds for soft / hard fruits & veggies
  • Keeps cold as fruits & veggies turn into juice
  • Juice pitcher includes froth separator
  • Large pulp catcher (less trips to empty it out)
  • Juices whole fruit and vegetables – no cutting or chopping is required
  • Patented extra large feed chute

Hurom Premium Slow Juicer  $399.99

  • Newest generation of “slow juicer” models: low-speed crushing & pressing mechanism produces highest juice yield
  • Unique technology maintains up to 60% more vitamins when juicing certain fruits and vegetables
  • Makes smoothies, slushes, blended drinks and purees in addition to any kind of juice
  • Maximum pulp control
  • 2 strainers (1 fine, 1 coarse) to juice softer fruits like bananas and avocados, or rougher ingredients like kale, wheatgrass and even nuts and soybeans (strainer is made of ULTEM plastic, 8x stronger than other plastics)
  • Durable (& quiet) 150-watt motor with 10 year warranty


With a juicer in hand (and the motivation to add to your healthy lifestyle), all you need are some recipes. There are more out there than you could ever possibly use (a quick Google of “juicing recipes” yielded over 2.5 million search results!), but we hand picked a few to address some specific concerns. Happy juicing!

Juicing Recipes


Sweet and full of healthy nutrients, this juice will keep you full and help you slim down. From Juicing for Weight Loss & What’s Cooking America.  


  • Shredded coconut for sweetness
  • 2 small zucchini
  • ½ medium cucumber
  • ¼ small red cabbage
  • 1 peeled orange
  • 2 red apples
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 4 white cauliflower florets
  • 4 kale leaves

Everything can go into your juicer whole, just peel the orange to remove the skin (but leave the nutrient-rich white pith).


A wide variety of mineral-dense fruits and veggies can help increase your energy level. A key tip: always include greens, and beets, too – they are a secret weapon. Beets have many benefits, but one of the best is that they can increase the body’s production of glutathione, which helps detoxify cancer-causing poisons. Recipe from Linda Wagner.


  • 4 beets (you can include the green tops too!)
  • 5 carrots
  • 2 heads romaine lettuce
  • 1 large handful parsley
  • 2 apples
  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 1 inch knob of ginger
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tangerines
  • 1 large bunch of mint

Simply run all ingredients through a juicer, serve over ice and enjoy! This recipe made a LOT of juice, over 64 ounces. If you want less juice, simply cut the recipe in half.  This juice is delicious and you’ll love the pretty pink color!


Recipe from 

When it comes to the immune system, two vitamins are particularly crucial: A and C. This juice has both and gives you more than 100% of your daily recommended intake.


  • Thick slice of ginger
  • 3 medium carrots
  • 4 stalks of celery
  • 4 kiwi fruit
  • A handful of parsley


This is so easy, and it’s a good way to sneak in something green. Nice and light, so the kids won’t turn their noses up at the heartier juices ou might be enjoying. From they call it “Giggle Juice.”


  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 thick slice of watermelon



Savor Summer’s Siesta

Vote for Snow's! Finalist: Best Garden Center

Five out-of-the-box activities to add to your summer bucket list

1. Be Happy Home Campers
Pitch a tent in your own backyard

backyard camping funGetting ready for a family camping trip can be a daunting task, but setting up camp in your own backyard is relatively simple. Without much effort, you can have an authentic taste of the great outdoors… with a little equipment and a lot of adventurous spirit.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

  1. Collect leaves from around your property (kids will love this) and paste them into a nature journal; you can research them later to identify each.
  2. Star gaze! You can even do a little pre-Google work to pick out some constellations you might be able to make out in the night skyTell stories around the campfire. They can be as elaborate as the history of your town, or las simple as sharing something great that happened that day.
  3. Play games: Bring out the Scrabble, the cards… what a great chance to spend quality time sans technology with your family and/or friends!

Another benefit to camping at home is that you can raid your own pantry with ease. So maybe branch out from the dogs & s’mores (although they do taste delicious!), and try something a bit more “exotic” like this recipe for Grilled Caesar Salad 

To set up camp, here’s a short list of equipment and supplies that will make your backyard expedition feel like the real deal:

Even more items are available in our Orleans store:

View Larger Map

2. Refresh with a New Lemon Twist
Help the kids with a fun take on a lemonade stand

lemonade standNational Lemonade Day was this past Tuesday, August 20th (who knew?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to celebrate summer’s most refreshing beverage. And, if you want to help the kids or grandkids achieve rock star status selling roadside lemonade, give tradition a little shakeup by making it fizzy!

You may not think of soda when you think of lemonade, but the neighborhood clientele will delight in a cup of this Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade. Simply combine 2 cups water, 1 cup granulated sugar, zest from one lemon (zest one prior to juicing below), 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice (6-8 lemons) and 2-3 cups club soda. Helping your wee entrepreneurs is also the perfect time to break out your SodaStream (if you don’t yet own the SodaStream system, click here to see how it works); your club soda component just got more efficient and more environmentally-friendly!

SodaStream products at Snow’s

3. Take it from Farm to Blanket
Farmers’ market finds for a perfect late summer picnic

farmers market on cape codFarmers’ markets have literally cropped up all over Cape Cod, so it’s easier than ever to find local, in-season goodies. Head over to one of the many weekly markets (our town of Orleans hosts theirs on Saturdays through November ), and collect a delicious array of ingredients to create this fabulous outdoor meal.

And don’t forget your pic-a-nic basket, Boo Boo!

For more Cape Cod farmers’ markets, see the full list, courtesy of Edible Cape Cod:

4. Make Some Seashore Decor
Turn your beach finds into beautiful home accents

amazing twisted driftwood candle holderSeashells, beach glass, driftwood…we are compelled to collect them on our beach walks, so wouldn’t it be nice to turn them into something worthy of year-round decor?

Here are a few great ideas from around the web:

5. Spiff Up Your Sitting Area
Relive your vacation year-round with a great coffee table book

“Coffee table” books reside in plain view – usually where you would entertain guests – and are often thoughtfully perused during casual conversation or while dinner is cooking. So certainly, a beautiful book that takes you back on a photographic journey through your favorite summer spots is one worth displaying, and it’s no wonder Cape Cod has been the inspiration for many such books.

Here are a few Cape Cod gems:


What’s your favorite way to capture the end of summer? Let us know…we’d love to share your ideas.