All She Wants for Christmas

5 Gifts She’ll Love to Get

She cooks the meals, does the laundry, makes the beds, does the grocery shopping…and that’s on top of taking care of children, taking care of her parents, or of a full time job outside the home.

To show how much you appreciate all that wonderful woman does, give her a gift as special as she is. Here are five holiday gift ideas that will make her forget all about her daily to do list…at least for a while.

cashmere-scarf1. Cashmere Scarf

Nothing says luxury like 100% classic cashmere. This ultra-soft cashmere wool comes from Scotland, and with 20 styles to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right one to suit her special style. ($24.95)

2. “Antique Thais” Earrings

antique thai earringsA unique blend of East and West, these earrings by John Michael Richardson are handcrafted with metals from Chiang Mai Thailand.  Depending on the piece, natural elements of horn, wood, bone, and shell from Cebu may be mixed in — or perhaps metal stampings from the U.S. — or glass beads from the Czech Republic. The collected items are plated, assembled, and finished by hand in the United States.

little red dress jewelry organizerThe designer travels the world to discover new elements for his accessories, relying on the traditional crafts of each particular country to convey his message.  Snow’s is one of a very select group of retailers offering this special jewelry collection. ($25.99 to $32.99)

Easy add-on: For jewelry storage that never goes out of style, pick up a “Little Red Dress” hanging jewelry organizer to give her a whimsical way to stash her baubles. ($15.99)

3. Snoozie Ballerina Bling Slippers 

ballerina snooziesA cross between a sock and a slipper, feet love to relax in Snoozies! Inside these bedazzled foot coverings lies amazing softness and comfort; they are easy to slip on to warm and pamper your feet all day long.  The inside is lined with fleece and made with a seam-free construction for an irritation-free fit. A non-slip sole ensures confident steps around the house. Plus, they’re machine washable for easy care. Lots of colors and other styles available, including Snoozies for men, tweens and babies! (Ladies styles: $14.99)

Want to snooze her up head to toe? Consider some Snoozies with lounging pants ($24) and a matching robe ($38).

scotchgrain bag4. Scotchgrain Hand Bags

A lovely and thoughtful gift for a woman with style! The beautifully textured surface of Scotchgrain is built to last, and look great while doing it.  Available in store in orange, brown and lime green. Other colors may be special ordered. ($35.99)

5. The Cape Cod Bracelet

cape cod braceletThis is the real thing. Both a tribute to Cape Cod and a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s a gift she will cherish for many years to come.  Handcrafted with 14 karat gold and sterling silver. Different sizes available. ($155.99)

Also available to buy online



Pine Management

holiday treeTips for the wear and care of your holiday tree

A prime location is chosen. Furniture gets rearranged. Outlets and extension cords get sussed out.  It’s that time of year again: time for the Christmas tree!

Despite being stuffed with turkey, Thanksgiving weekend has actually become the most common time to put up the tree. But this weekend is really prime time: the selection is great, and there’s not too much time between now and the 25th for it dry up into a tree meant for Charlie Brown.

nauset middle school teacher

Help your community: Buy a tree at Snow’s! $5 from every purchase goes to benefit Nauset Regional Middle School programs.

If you’re ready to get out and get trimming, Snow’s has just received a large inventory of gorgeous, grown-in-the-USA evergreens from North Carolina. A member of our friendly staff will give your tree a fresh cut and make sure it securely tied to your vehicle before you go home. And to help you keep your tree looking great all season long, here are a few tips from our Garden Center:

1. Take the Fresh Test

Of course you never have to worry about this at Snow’s, but you must start with a fresh tree if you hope to keep it fresh at home.  Stay away from trees with a lot of browning needles — or needles that fall off the branches easily. These trees are past their prime.

2. Location, Location, Location.

Like us, trees need a special sense of place, too. Safety first: you should keep the tree away from open flames or heat sources, which may dry it out prematurely. Other than that, a room corner is nice — out of the direct path of traffic and less likely to get bumped. If your ideal spot is in front of a picture window, make sure to pull the shades during the day to keep the tree out of direct sunlight.

watering the tree

Heighten Your Hydration!
In addition to lots of water, add Prolong® preservative to keep your tree greener, fresher and safer throughout the season.

3. Wise Watering

The most important part of keeping a live Christmas tree healthy is making sure it gets enough water from the start. The first day your tree spends in its new home (yours!) it will downright guzzle: expect it to absorb up to a full gallon of water in 24 hours. It’s imperative that the water doesn’t dry up during this period. If it does – and it only takes once – the base of the trunk will develop a natural seal that prevents it from drinking in more water. After the initial watering, you should check the water level twice a day for the first week, then daily from then on.


And when it’s all over, remember to keep your evergreen “green.”

Once your tree has fulfilled its job as holiday spirit maker inside your home, make sure to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Fortunately, most transfer stations on Cape Cod accept Christmas trees to be ground up for compost.

Finally, if all this fresh tree talk is irrelevant because your family puts up an artificial tree, you may be surprised to learn that “fake” can actually be considered “green” as well. There’s a lot of debate on this subject, but since an artificial tree represents a live tree that isn’t cut down, it can be an eco-friendly option if it’s used year after year.  Snow’s has an assortment of artificial trees (with lights!) from 2’ to 7’ tall, in a variety of shapes to compliment your array of holiday ornaments.

Happy trimming!


Nostalgia, Inspiration and a Peaceful Time Out

Toy trains bring smiles for the holidays

If you grew up in the fifties or sixties, you may have fond Christmas memories of toy trains circling the base of your tree. And somehow – even with Internet-based games, moves, music and even books  - the nostalgia of model trains lives on.

snow's holiday trains

A close up of one small piece of the Snow’s holiday train display

At Snow’s, the holiday train display goes up each year around Columbus Day and attracts people of all ages throughout the season. It’s hard to miss: the layout measures about 20 feet around and is located in the middle of the decorated trees and ornament displays, right as you enter the holiday shop.

Other than it’s size, though, there are several reasons why the holiday train display is something people look forward to when coming to Snow’s this time of year.

Nostalgia and Tradition 

1951 lionel train ad

A 1951 Lionel train ad for Christmas

The railroads have a great history, especially around Christmastime. Even way back in the early 1900s, trains were a symbol of American progress, and to many, traveling by train meant coming home for the holidays.

Toy and model trains have been around almost as long as the real ones. The first toy trains and train sets were developed by Lionel at the turn of the last century – and ever since then there has been a certain “romance of the rails.” Dads were encouraged to join their youngsters in model train enthusiasm, and layouts cropped up in more and more living rooms, especially at Christmas.

At the heart of it, trains around Christmas trees evoke memories of simpler times. The set up at Snow’s includes not only trains running around the tracks, but quaint little villages such as the lighted Starburst Ferris Wheel, Santa’s “Yule Steiner” Brewery, Wyatt’s Wooden Toy Shop and Two Sister’s Bakery.

For some, seeing the trains at Snow’s is a yearly holiday tradition. Longtime Snow’s customer Lee Sullivan says: “I have 5 grandsons…4 of which are “train age.” So we come in at Christmastime – it’s a tradition, and it’s all part of the family.”

DIY Inspiration

trains around tree

If you’re considering building a train layout around your Christmas tree, the smallest circular track configuration would be about 4’ x 50’.

The train layouts at Snow’s also provide some inspiration for creating a set up at home. There’s little better than seeing your child or grandchild’s eyes light up as they watch the trains go by.

If you’re starting from scratch, Snow’s has several starter sets. The sets give you everything you need for a complete layout in one box, and they are more cost efficient than buying each piece separately. Some of the available sets include a Boy Scouts of America Freight Set (now on sale for $299.99, a $90 savings), and a Grand Central Express O-Gauge set for $439.99.

A Break from the Bustle

This year, a late Thanksgiving has added a bit of pressure to get everything squared away in time for Christmas.

So even if you don’t plan to erect a train layout in your home, one great reason to come see the trains at Snow’s is simply to take a breather from the hectic pace of the holidays. It’s great to see entire families come and visit Snow’s…not just to shop, but to gather around the train display and simply regroup.

toy train icon

p.s. While the holiday trains are seasonal, kids always love coming to see our large interactive train display that stays up all year long!

Barbecue that Bird!

How to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey on a Charcoal Grill

It’s a common Thanksgiving dilemma. Every year, it’s a timing and spacial relations challenge to make room in the oven for stuffing, rolls, green bean casseroles and everything else that needs to get cooked despite the 20-lb. turkey that got there first.

This is where a charcoal grill can come to the rescue.  Although it’s seems untraditional, there are many converts who say a cooking Thanksgiving turkey on a grill is the only way to go. In the Snow’s family, Stan and Bonnie Snow have been doing it this way for years.

grilled turkeyWeber has detailed (but easy to follow) instructions for cooking a turkey this way. The brined turkey with pan gravy pictured here looks just like a traditional roast turkey you would pull out of your oven, only it comes off the grill – and it’s really more accurate to say barbecued than “grilled.” The turkey doesn’t sit directly on the grate, so you don’t have grill marks. A nice touch for a ribeye, but not so much for your holiday bird.

View the recipe and instructions (If you’re more of a visual learner, watch the video below to see it done step-by-step).


VIDEO: Cooking a Turkey on a Charcoal Grill

Grilling a turkey involves brining it ahead of time (overnight) in a mixture of apple juice, water, salt and herbs. The effect of brining is sort of a miracle of science: the salt in the brine denatures some of the meat’s proteins, which allows more of the natural juices to be retained.

The cooking process itself is all about indirect, low heat. Over the course of about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours, the bird will cook slowly as you add more charcoal each hour.

Other than the turkey and seasoning, preparing and grilling a turkey successfully requires the following tools:

turkey with thermometer

Caption: Safety first: The turkey is done when the internal temperature reaches 160° to 165°F in the thickest part of the thigh (not touching the bone).

  1. Large cooler
  2. Sturdy plastic bag
  3. Ice
  4. Wood chips (optional)
  5. Chimney starter (optional)
  6. Charcoal
  7. 3 large disposable foil pans
  8. Charcoal grill with cooking grate
  9. Meat thermometer
  10. Gravy separator


So this year, consider firing up the grill to help with your Thanksgiving spread. Your oven will thank you, and you might even get some of the guys off the couch and outside cooking! :-)

Brimming with Trimmings

3,000 Holiday Ornaments to Deck Your Halls (and your tree)

The magic of Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes, and in the case of holiday ornaments — sometimes it’s quite small.

Each year, millions of Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments that all have a story. Some have been passed down through the generations, some commemorate special occasions, some play a part in a theme, some are just funny. So whether it’s baby’s first Christmas or the year the Red Sox won the World Series (woo hoo!), there’s an ornament out there – at least at Snow’s – that fits the bill.

snow's ornaments 2013

Just one small section (relatively speaking) displaying the many holiday ornaments at Snow’s.

Historically, Germany gets credit for pioneering our tree trimming traditions by bringing the first decorated winter trees into their homes. It is also widely believed that Martin Luther was the first to decorate a tree with lighted candles. Since then, holiday ornaments have come a long, long way. We are no longer constrained by ornaments found only in nature (pinecones, fruit), and although Luther’s candles were a noble effort to replicate the beauty of stars twinkling amongst the evergreens, it seems like a bit of fire hazard, right?

At Snow’s, you have your choice of more than 3,000 different holiday ornaments, in just about every theme you can think of (if fact, our Christmas buyer Marie dares you to try and stump her with an ornament category she doesn’t have covered). Here are just a few of the popular categories, but trust us, you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Forget the milk & cookies... Santa wants wine & cheese.

Forget the milk & cookies… Santa wants wine & cheese.

Food & Wine

Is there a food & wine connoisseur in your life? Maybe it’s you. From replicas of bottles, barrels and glasses to Santa and his reindeer enjoying the good life, there’s plenty here to do a whole tree honoring gourmands and oenophiles.

Santa riding the waves to a seaside Christmas.

Santa riding the waves to a seaside Christmas.


We couldn’t be a Cape Cod shop worth our weight in sand if we didn’t have an excellent representation of seaside-inspired ornaments. The impressive collection includes glittered and shells, sea life, buoys, lobster traps, beach scenes and our favorite jolly old elf mixing with dolphins, mermaids and all sorts of other sea creatures.

Play it for us, St. Nick!

Play it for us, St. Nick!

You’ll find miniature versions of every instrument, with museum-quality details and finishing touches. Really: the solid brass clarinet even has a reed!

This frog has a lot to be happy about: he's handmade and fair trade.

This frog has a lot to be happy about: he’s handmade and fair trade.

Fair Trade

This is a very special category of ornaments which honors the people producing their crafts a fair price for their work. The glimmering metal frog pictured, for example, is made fairly by workers earning a living wage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Go Sox!

Go Sox!


Gymnast? Field hockey player? Soccer enthusiast? Family members dueling it out over and Red Sox/Yankees rivalry? Don’t worry, we’ve got ornaments for them all.

Man's best friend deserves a special spot on the tree.

Man’s best friend deserves a special spot on the tree.

Pets (especially pooches)
There’s nothing quite like the affection we have for our dogs, and our large collection of hard cast resin ornaments represents all of our furry companions. Labs, retrievers, poodles, boxers, beagles, terriers, collies, schnauzers…you get the idea. We have a great representation of cats, horses and other wildlife, too.

This hand blown glass burger is hugely popular.

This hand blown glass burger is hugely popular.

Old World / Glass Blown
Our extensive selection of the Merck Family’s “Old World Christmas” ornaments are some of the best-loved. The collection of mouth-blown glass ornaments are made using traditional, old-world methods. All ornaments are hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful finished creations, including everything from angels to avocados! Produced in limited quantities, each is a treasure to cherish.

Play Your Cards Right

Sending holiday greeting cards honors a 180-year tradition


Fun Christmas Card Facts:
1) 45% of all cards sent are Christmas cards.  2) The most cards sent by one person in 1 year is 62,824.  3) The first Christmas card was sold for 1 shilling, which would be about 8 cents today. (source:

It’s that time of year again at Snow’s: our holiday trains are up and running, the trees are decorated in a variety of themes, and literally thousands of ornaments grace the aisles.  But as you begin to get into the seasonal spirit, there’s one area of our spacious holiday shop you should visit first: the card department.

Second only to the incredible assortment of ornaments (we’ll talk about those next week), Snow’s inventory of Christmas cards represents the biggest selection of any one category in our holiday shop. With 958 different designs, your only trouble will be making a decision on which one you’ll send out to your loved ones.

first christmas card

The custom of sending Christmas cards started in the UK in 1834 by Sir Henry Cole. Sir Henry was a civil servant who wanted to see how the new public post could be used by more “regular folks.” This is a photo of the very first Christmas card.

Sending Christmas cards is certainly a cherished tradition, although today many of us will opt to send e-cards, JibJab videos and other digital cheer. But there’s really no replacement for a card that gets discovered in the mailbox, eagerly opened and genuinely appreciated.  It’s kind of like a visit to a ‘brick and mortar’ store vs. an online shopping experience: sometimes customer service still wins out over convenience.

Just as the holiday cards over one hundred years ago were designed with Nativity scenes, winter birds or snow covered landscapes, today’s cards have similar themes. Here are a few examples (literally just few!) of the beautiful cards we have in stock – high quality stationary with unique designs not found in the big box stores. :-)

joseph gallant holiday cardWatercolor cards by local artist Joseph Gallant

Joe has been a full-time artist for 16 years, and his coastal artwork is available in a number of different visual formats. His boxed Christmas cards are available in dozens of designs, like the one pictured, which he calls “Fisherman’s Holiday.” Many of his paintings are also available as framed artwork, also available in our Home Decor department.

cardinal holiday cardEmbossed cards by Pumpernickel Press

Starting with 20 designs of embossed boxed Christmas cards, this family-owned business based in Virginia now has over 1,500 designs of boxed Christmas and everyday occasion cards. And when they say family business they truly mean family – Bob’s wife Skeeter, their two sons, Ryan & Robby, and Ryan’s wife Allie all work full time for the company. These colorful cardinals against the backdrop of winter snow is just one example of the classic, high quality cards they make.

nativity cardReligious cards by Caspari

Caspari is a respected publisher of exquisitely designed and printed paper products, with a reputation earned over the past sixty years by reproducing the work of established artists and museums from around the world. 

Although the company has expanded to include over 30 different product categories, the began their business by importing Christmas cards by European artists. There are many designs available, but cards with a religious theme (like the Nativity scene to the right), are perhaps the ones for which they are best known.

So come see us in Orleans and get your cards soon… the post office gets pretty busy this time of year!


Tables of Content

Five favorites for your fall table

Some people have a great time outfitting their dining room table for a new season. With so many choices in linens, candles, centerpieces and dinnerware, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. So as the crisp days of fall set in, you may be feeling that urge to autumn-ize your dining room, too, but the fast pace of everyday life just doesn’t allow much time for home decorating.

Fear not, you can have all the ingredients for a gorgeous table in less than 30 minutes. The staff at Snow’s is ready and waiting to help you pull the pieces together, whether you want a traditional Thanksgiving table, a rustic or coastal twist, or want to play off a specific color theme.

Speaking of which, Snow’s home accents and tableware buyer Marie Hannah has put together five of her favorite pieces for a warm and inviting table in shades of caramel. But remember, this is just a small sampling of the goods!

The Kenya dinnerware collection

The Kenya dinnerware collection, in deep hues of brown and rust-orange.

1. Kenya Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware sets the mood of your table, and the Kenya set by Thompson Pottery offers both a natural and sophisticated feel. The gorgeous pumpkin/rust color is a lovely background for your fall foods, and although it’s nice and sturdy, it has the feel of china. Each 16-piece set serves four and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Available in store: $42.99


Eucalyptus Stoneware baskets

Classic Eucalyptus Stoneware baskets: great as a centerpiece or serving piece (shown on bottom in caramel).

2. Eucalyptus Stoneware Basket 

This striking pottery from Del Mar is 100% American handmade. The company has supplied big names like Villeroy & Boch for many years, as well as gourmet shops and specialty retailers (like Snow’s). The baskets have been made famous in popular TV commericals and Hollywood movies, such as American Beauty and Julie and Julia.

The basket is also extremely functional. It’s dishwasher and oven safe, so you can heat and serve rolls right in the same vessel.  They also make a beautiful centerpiece for Thanksgiving; classic white and caramel are just two of the 16 different colors available.

Available in store: $39.99


Root tapers

Root tapers burn clean while they cast a lovely glow on your table.

3. Root Taper Candles

Taper candles in fall colors (Mandarin, Buttercream, Crisp Autumn and Rust) lend an elegant ambiance to your table.  Root candles have been crafted by the same family for five generations (140 years), and their quality is second to none. Candles are crafted using pure beeswax, so they burn cleaner and last longer.

Available in store: $3.59 – $7.99




"Harvest Blessing" printed tablecloth

A classic tablecloth, perfect for Thanksgiving – or any fall celebration.

4. Harvest Print Tablecloths

To go underneath those pretty candles, harvest-themed printed tablecloths by Benson Mills are a great way to really amp up the fall theme without busting the budget.

Choose from different sizes and designs, including “Harvest Blessing” and “Nature’s Harvest” and “Falling Leaves.”

 Available in store: $13.99 – $16.99 



Napkin rings in amber-colored glass

Did you know that napkin rings became popular in the days before washing machines? They were used – not as “table jewelry – but as a way to organize napkins by family members, so they could be reused at the next meal.

5. Amber Glass Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are one of those accents that can really pull a whole place setting. These glass rings are slightly opaque, so they will reflect a bit of the flickering candlelight, and the amber color is beautiful against a classic white napkin or a deeper color like mustard yellow.

Available in store: $2.99 each


Heavy Metal Fans

The why and which of All-Clad cookware

If you asked a professional chef (or a serious foodie) what cookware they have in their kitchen, they would probably say All-Clad.

Why? Well, part of the reason is probably based on reputation alone. It’s like buying a Rolex watch: you may not know exactly why it’s better, but you have the expectation that it will be. For those in the know, All-Clad represents exemplary cooking performance, which means your culinary creations are never sacrificed due to a malfunction in the pan.

All-Clad uses a special metal bonding process which is formulated for optimal cooking performance, not for ease of manufacturing.  A pure core of aluminum, stainless or copper – not only on the bottom, but all the way up the sides of each piece of cookware – distributes heat evenly and provides professional results.

As for history, All-Clad definitely has it. Clad Metals began in the U.S. steel age, and the products are still made by American craftsmen in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania the same way they were four decades ago.  Click to watch an early television interview with founder John Ulam, where he describes the technical innovations that led to the creation of All-Clad.

Choosing All-Clad Cookware

All-Clad has four major lines of cookware: Stainless Steel, MC2, Hard Anodized and Copper Core.  Selected pans in some collections offer a nonstick surface.

all clad stainless

Callout: Stainless is the original – tried and true. And if you don’t want to hand wash your pots and pans, you need not look any further; the stainless line is the only one recommended for the dishwasher.

Four product lines seems like a lot to think about before you even get cooking, but there’s good news. Inside, everything is (basically) the same: all pieces have the patented aluminum core that covers the bottom of the pan and extends up the sides. The Copper Core line has more bells and whistles, but it’s also the most expensive, so a copper repertoire may not be in everyone’s budget.

Feeling confident that any piece of All-Clad cookware you buy will be high quality, it really comes down to the look and the price, both of which are personal. So here’s a down and dirty description of each, keeping in mind that price-wise, there isn’t too much of a swing between the different lines until you get to the copper collection.

1. MC2all clad mc2

MC2 cookware is a contemporary makeover of All-Clad’s original Master Chef collection, created for the chef community. Stainless interior and a matte, brushed aluminum exterior, providing superior cooking results at an extraordinary value.

All-Clad-Hard-Anodized2. Hard Anodized

You probably wouldn’t stock your kitchen with all hard anodized cookware, but they are a great companions to stainless basics. Crafted the same way inside, with a non-stick surface. Think grill pans.

all-clad-stainless-steel3. Stainless

Classic All-Clad. Timeless design, shiny stainless-steel exterior, dishwasher safe. Available in every shape and size you can think of, from a cute little 1/2 qt. butter warmer to a 7 qt. pasta pentola. (pictured: a 3-piece set including stockpot, strainer insert and lid, perfect for cooking pasta).

all clad copper core4. Copper Core

These beauties have an added – you guessed it – copper core in between layers of aluminum, which gives it even more heat-conducting goodness. Copper is considered the best cooking material around, prized by chefs and gourmands. The look is also distinct with an accent band of copper around the outside.


Shop All-Clad products at Snow’s (A larger selection can be found in our retail store at 22 Main Street, Orleans)

Not sold on All-Clad? Click here to read one of our past posts comparing Cuisinart, Swiss Diamond and Lodge, too.


Setting your Seaside Space

10 Home Decor Items to Show Your Coastal Style

Earlier this month, we unveiled Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, which just so happens to be a classic shade of blue that inspires the decor of many a Cape Cod home. So this week, we’d like to follow up with ten of our favorite finds – unique home decor accents and fixtures that will help you channel a little seaside bliss all year long.

starfish toilet tissue1. Starfish Toilet Tissue Holder

Bring a little whimsy into your bathroom with this sweet starfish tissue holder. It has a sturdy metal construction (hardware included), painted white so it will match any decor. ($16.99)

lobster hook2. Lobster Hook

Nothing says coastal quite like lobster, and these hooks are a great way to add subtle reminders of clambakes and good times throughout your home. They’re great as towel hooks in the kitchen or the bath, and the ample-sized hook can serve as a hanger for other items, like keys, baseball caps, coffee mugs and more ($8.99)

hydrangea s&p3. Hydrangea Salt & Pepper Shakers

If lobster says coastal, then hydrangeas say Cape Cod… especially those glorious blue ones! Give your table a little spice with these hand painted glass salt and pepper shakers. ($4.99)

lighthouse finial4. Brass Lighthouse Lamp Finial

Isn’t it the small touches that seem to add so much? This tasteful brass lighthouse final by Copper Mermaid brings a little nautical flair to any room when poised atop your favorite lamp. Another made-in-the-USA gem. ($14.99)

5beach rose switch plate. Beach Rose Switch Plate

Speaking of lighting…you can give your switches some love, too. This charming beach rose switch plate features an original design by Anne Kilham, bringing to mind the perfect summer day. ($8.99)

See more switch plate designs

6. Decorative Whale Pillowwhale pillow

One of our very favorites. This 14×20” pillow by Chandler 4 Corners is a lovely example of what they do best: craft modern home decor pieces that incorporate the very essence of America’s roots. Hand hooked and made of wool with a velveteen backing. ($64.99)

cape cod bedspread7. Classic White Cape Cod Bedspread

This is the classic bedroom piece you’ll have and enjoy for years. The white on white Cape Cod seashell pattern has been redesigned from a flat jacquard for matelassé looms. Made in the USA with 100% cotton, this bedspread is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. (Full size: $199.99)  See other sizes and styles

8.cape cod barometer Cape Cod Marine Barometer

The striking silver and brass facings of this marine barometer make it an elegant addition to any decor. It’s amazingly functional, too; signaling weather changes from “foul” to “fair,” it works at elevations of up to 2,000 ft. with no wiring needed. Simply hang it and you’re good to go. ($169.00)

pewter seashell bowl9. Pewter Seashore Bowl

Classic pewter, classic Cape Cod. This statement serving piece from Wilton Armetale is not only beautiful, but incredibly strong and versatile. Guaranteed not to rust, tarnish or break, it can go from freezer to oven to table. The kind of piece you’ll use over and over, you’ll love giving it as a gift to someone special, too. ($54.99)

See more Wilton Armetale

seagull poop candy10. Seagull Poop Candy

Um… just how does this have anything to do with coastal home decor, and more importantly, isn’t that plain disgusting? Well, sometimes we throw something in here just for humor’s sake, but these little “treats” will actually prove your weight as a Cape Cod salty. They are really wild huckleberry jelly beans, made for Snow’s Home & Garden. ($4.99)


Have a favorite coastal home decor item? We’d love to hear about it. Post a comment here or share your decorating ideas (or questions) with us on Facebook.


What’s Your Daily Grind?

Seven “traditional” coffee makers compared

With the advent of the K-cup and the resurgence of the French press, there is certainly  more than one way to make a cup of coffee. But when but when it comes down to choosing a “regular coffee maker,” how do you know which one is right for you?

To help you navigate all the coffee maker options out there, here’s a line up of 7 great ones, with a summary of what’s what:

1. Premium Coffee “To-Go”Hamilton Beach 12-Cup, Two Way Coffee Brewer - $89.99 at Snow’s

This is an affordable coffeemaker that can brew premium Hamilton-Beach-Two-Way-Brewer-Single-Serve-and-12-cup-Coffee-Makerroast coffee at home, either in a single serving or a full 12-cup pot.

For “solo” use, it comes with a stainless travel mug – or you can use your own.  You also have a choice of using ground coffee or pre-packaged soft pods.

Brew strength is another special feature of this coffee maker: simply select regular or bold, rather than have to fuss with the amount of coffee you use to adjust the taste. Other conveniences include programmable brewing, automatic shutoff, and an automatic pause & serve feature for pouring a cup while it’s still brewing.

2. Modern Functionality: Cuisinart 12-Cup Brew Central - $89.99 at Snow’s

cuisinart brew centralCuisinart is one of the best names in kitchen appliances, and coffee makers are no exception. We are actually reviewing 3 different Cuisinart models here today; all with unique differences.

The Brew Central  is a solid, reliable, attractive coffee maker with an array of convenience features at a mid-range price.

It’s totally programmable, with an adjustable heater plate for temperature control, a small batch (1 to 4 cups) option, and a brew-pause function so you can grab a cup mid-brew. This model also has an upscale look: a brushed stainless finish and a sleek, modern design.

3. All-in-One: Cuisinart 12-Cup Automatic Grind & Brew$99.99 at Snow’s

cuisinart grind and brewThe big extra with the Cuisinart Grind and Brew is just as the name indicates: the beans are automatically ground right before brewing, tight in the unit. The streamlined design and brushed metal finish is on the modern side, but less dramatically so than the Brew Central – so it looks great in almost any kitchen. It has full programming features with adjustable auto shut-off, 1 to 4 cup setting, brew pause, and even a “grind off” feature if you want to use pre-ground coffee. It also has a large control panel with large push buttons for quick and simple operation.

4. One Cup at a TimeCuisinart 12-Cup Coffee On Demand - $99.99 at Snow’s

cuisinart coffee on demandCuisinart’s Coffee on Demand™ is a carafe-free coffeemaker that delivers up to 12 cups of hot coffee…cup by cup. You (and your house guests) can dispense one cup at a time; a dispenser light comes on when you press the lever to fill your cup, and the gauge on the front gives a count down to cups remaining. It’s kind of like the K-cup brewers, except it uses loose ground coffee.

In additional to all of Cuisinart’s programmable features, it has a removable water reservoir to make fill-ups (and clean ups) easy.

5. Easy ProgrammingKrups 12-Cup Precision Coffee Maker$89.99 at Snow’s

krups precisionHolding a steady spot next to all of the Cuisinart models as powerful, well-designed, full-featured coffee maker, the Krups Precision has a few unique features of its own.

Programming is extra easy thanks to a uniquely angled upward-facing control panel & LCD screen with a high-contrast black-on-white display; you can see the buttons without having to crouch over. In addition, dual auto-on presets give you the option to wake up to freshly brewed coffee, and at a later time if you have a chance to sleep in.

6. Truly CustomizedBreville 12-Cup YouBrew Coffee Maker with Grinder youbrew$249.99 at Snow’s

Now we’re getting to the cream of the crop. If you take your coffee very seriously, you may want to splurge for one of the best coffee makers available.

It has all the bells and whistles. Choose a cup, a travel mug or a carafe. Choose your brew strength, even your flavor profile—Breville’s Brew IQ System (have you ever met a coffee with an IQ?) takes care of getting the water to the optimal temperature, then dispenses the correct amount for your selected brew size and strength.  Even the single cup mode has five (yes, five) adjustable flavor settings. There’s also a built-in burr grinder to freshly grind your choice of beans.

icoffee7. New InnovationRemmington 12-Cup iCoffee System - $169.95 at Snow’s

The new iCoffee’s SteamBrew™ patented technology is actually pretty revolutionary. There are six rotating hot water jets, a brew-viewing window, gold-tone filtration, and all the automatic, programmable features you would expect.  But its claim to fame is that it makes coffee with steam, resulting in coffee that tastes creamier, bolder and more flavorful.

According to the company, drip coffee makers extract unevenly, which results in unwanted acidic and bitter coffee oils. Single-serve coffee makers do the same thing: the water runs through only one part of the pod, so over-extraction happens here, too. Using a French press solves this problem, but many people find it time consuming to brew and clean, and it is limited to only a few cups that can get cold fast.

If you’re intrigued, check out the 90-second video to see how it works.  The iCoffee system is brand new and in stock at Snow’s in Orleans.


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